Blue Snow Leopard Aurora HD

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Added: November 06, 2009

Author: MikeyG8
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Description: Design is based off the amazing work by chumsdock found here: [link] This is an alternative Full HD space themed wallpaper to chumsdocks original with a greater blue hue to reflect the new Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) operating system where as his was based on 10.5. It is designed to reflect the soft tiger style wallpapers but still reflect that it is the next generation (space) operating system. It possesses more circles of light and stars than chumsdocks reflecting the new default apple wallpaper that can be found here: [link] Its main aim is to provide a less cluttered but still equally aesthetically pleasing wallpaper as the default one shipped with apple. There is a pink alternative of the design available here: [link]

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